Mediation Can Save You Time And Money

Certain cases need to go to court to get the best possible results. But, if the opposing parties can work together to come to a solution, they may have other options. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a way for willing individuals to work out their disputes with a neutral third party. Fisher & Hunter is an experienced law firm with a proven record of arbitrating dispute cases.

Our St. George firm has helped businesses, individuals and families resolve their differences through mediation and walk away with a positive agreement between the two parties. The agreements decided in arbitration can be binding or nonbinding, whichever the parties prefer. With arbitration, you are able to resolve disputes and decide the terms of the agreement rather than relying on a third person.

Can My Case Benefit From Arbitration?

We can resolve most types of disputes through arbitration. Our office has resolved familial, monetary and business disputes with mediation throughout Utah, Nevada and Arizona. If you are going through a divorce, our attorneys have found that an early mediation can result in a more beneficial agreement for both parties.

Here are a few of the disputes we have resolved with mediation:

How Fisher & Hunter Is Different

Fisher & Hunter has decades of legal experience and has seen the usage of mediation grow. Our lawyers believe in providing fair and ethical mediation and dispute resolution. We have earned the trust of the St. George community because of our commitment to our clients. With Fisher & Hunter, you can expect a professional advocate who has the experience to diffuse tensions and guide your disputes towards a positive resolution.

If both parties in a dispute are ready to mediate their disagreement, our experienced attorneys are ready to guide your case. Schedule your free consultation by calling 435-275-4159 or filling out the contact form.