Our Lawyers Can Soften The Blow Of Divorce

A divorce is a difficult loss, and many people may feel unsure what their next steps should be. Many people may also be afraid of losing their children or assets during the property division process. Fisher & Hunter can protect your rights during a divorce and keep you up to date with consistent communication.

Fisher & Hunter is a St. George law firm that values our clients like partners and fights to protect their rights at the negotiation table. Our lawyers will get to know you and allow you to make the important decisions about your case. Our office provides cost-effective and proven legal advice to families in Washington County Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

An Early Mediation Can Make The Difference In Your Divorce

In our attorney's experience, an early mediation can make your divorce a more positive experience. As legal counselors, our goal is to help you make decisions that protect your family and allow you to move forward with your life. Our attorneys can facilitate the mediation process allowing you to save money, time and stress.

A divorce extends beyond a separation and can also involve:

  • Custody fights
  • Child support battles
  • Alimony payments
  • Debt divisions
  • Taxes and health insurance

While our office aims to create a positive agreement between you and your ex-spouse, we understand that is not always possible. No matter the relationship we will act within the law to protect your legal rights. At Fisher & Hunter, our attorneys will offer their knowledgeable advice and explain the outcomes of your decision, but you are ultimately in control of your case.

Get The Best Possible Deal For Your Family

A divorce can have far-reaching consequences that can affect your life and how often you will be able to see your children. Not all attorneys are equally skilled at divorce negotiations or mediation. To schedule your free consultation with Fisher & Hunter call 435-275-4159 or use our contact form.