Protect Your Loved Ones And Avoid Probate With An Estate Plan

If you want to safely pass on your assets to a loved one after your death, you need a comprehensive estate plan. The attorneys at Fisher & Hunter have seen how long the probate process can take and how families lose access to funds they were counting on. Our St. George lawyers can protect your assets and create a plan that will safeguard your loved one's inheritance. Any person at any age can benefit from a will, but this is especially true if you own assets, have a spouse or have children.

Managing And Avoiding The Probate Process

At Fisher & Hunter our attorneys will create a plan that ensures your assets will transfer ownership to your designated parties after death. Without a valid estate or trust, your inheritors will be stuck waiting for a substantial amount of time and creditors may be able to claim a portion of your estate. This says nothing of the possible court fees and other charges that can arise during the probate process. Our trusted attorneys will work to help you avoid probate and find the plan that most benefits your heirs.

Having an estate plan before an emergency happens can save time, money and prevent the emotional burden of loved ones dividing your estate. By creating a valid will, you will be able to leave a gift for your family and protect them from dealing with the financial aspects of your passing while they grieve.

Seasoned Trust Administration Professionals

Our law firm has years of experience helping individuals in southern Utah, Arizona and Nevada plan their futures and pass on their investments to loved ones. While an estate plan may seem grim, it is one of the most valuable documents you can create. We can act as your legal agents, taking care of your assets and carrying out your wishes after you pass. Our experienced attorneys understand the legal obligations of trust administration and will document all transactions to the letter of the law.

Fisher & Hunter separates itself from other law firms because we work with our clients as partners. We will analyze your current assets, review any existing estate plan and lay out the best course of action to accomplish your goals. Our experienced attorneys can help you create a beneficial living will and act as your trust administrators. Call us now at 435-275-4159 or fill out our email form.