Experienced And Effective Attorneys

At Fisher & Hunter, we strive to provide clients with effective case results and long-term value. Our St. George office helps individuals, banks and businesses resolve their professional and personal legal problems. We also prevent future disputes by writing enforceable contracts and providing employee training. Our firm can help individuals in Utah, Nevada and Arizona get the best possible legal resolution, while they focus on running their businesses and moving on with their lives.

Our founding attorneys, Nathan Fisher and David Hunter, have decades of law experience and are active members of the legal and business community. They are both in positions of leadership in the courts and share their knowledge through seminars on important legal and business issues.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in the courtroom and at the negotiation table. We have successfully managed complex business agreements, trusts, real estate sales and construction law cases. Our wide range of experience gives us the perspective to spot legal problems before they can cause you trouble.

If you are facing a legal dispute our office will thoroughly investigate all details and provide you with an honest assessment of your case. We have a thorough understanding of the law surrounding collections, litigation and business disputes, and we will fight to protect your rights. An inexperienced lawyer can cost you time and money, choose a proven attorney who has the knowledge to effectively represent you.

Mediation Can Save
You Time, Money and Stress

If willing parties want to avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of a court case, they may choose alternative dispute resolution. Mediation allows opposing parties to speak directly with one another, come to an agreement and make it legally binding if they choose. As experienced mediators and attorneys, we will assist the conversation and manage all legal agreements.

Our attorneys can help individuals with their business issues and their personal legal problems. Many of our clients chose our attorneys for their business litigation and have then appointed them as their trust administrator. Not all law firms are equally skilled, and your choice of attorney can have a huge impact on your case results. Call 435-275-4159 or fill out our contact form to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.