Aggressive Attorneys Who Defend Lenders’ Rights

At Fisher & Hunter, we understand how difficult it is to collect business debts and enforce contracts against creditors. Our attorneys have collected debts on behalf of lenders from individuals and businesses for many years. We understand collections law and can pursue all legal avenues to secure repayment for your business.

Fisher & Hunter has successfully managed corporate collections law cases in Utah, Arizona and Nevada for businesses and banks. Our attorneys have a close relationship with the business community and have resolved corporate legal problems for decades. We protect our clients' debt collection rights with personalized legal representation built on our close relationship with a client's business. We will review your specific loan agreement and use our legal knowledge to effectively collect on your behalf.

Attorneys Who Will Fight For Lenders

Our St. George law firm can manage a collections business's debt recovery needs, from preparing loan documents to enforcing contract terms. Our lawyers will work to regain collateral and protect creditors' rights.

Here are a few strategies we use to get lenders repaid:

  • Trust deed foreclosures
  • Replevin, also known as claim and delivery
  • Lawsuits to enforce contracts, create judgment liens and execute such liens
  • Repossession of personal property
  • Motion for a relief from the automatic stay of a bankruptcy

Experienced Commercial Collections Lawyers

Fisher & Hunter attorneys have extensive experience negotiating and collecting from corporate borrowers. We have pursued debts from businesses on behalf of large corporations, private lenders and national banks. Our advocates can enforce contracts and pursue every option to recover debts on your behalf.

Clients choose Fisher & Hunter because of our personalized legal. We can represent collection businesses with long- and short-term solutions. For a free consultation with a proven attorney, call 435-275-4159 or use our contact form.