Skilled Legal Representation For Civil Appeals

Appealing a civil lawsuit is a specialized area of the law that not all law firms have experience in. Appeals have strict deadlines, so it is important to speak with an appeals attorney as soon as you can. At Fisher & Hunter, our experienced attorneys can guide clients through all parts of the litigation process, including civil appeals.

Fisher & Hunter provides individualized and flexible representation to all clients. Our experienced attorneys can represent clients in southwestern Utah, eastern Nevada and northern Arizona. We can represent many types of civil litigation cases including business disputes and real estate law. We understand the unique challenges of appeals court and will build a case that gets you the best possible results.

We can manage many appeals cases, including:

Our St. George law firm has a thorough understanding of appellate law and we can use our knowledge to build a case that protects your rights and presents a compelling argument in the courtroom. As soon as you call us, we will start researching your case and filing to meet the strict appeals deadlines.

Our Litigation And Appeals Philosophy

The attorneys Fisher & Hunter provide personalized representation for every client and will create a convincing argument for their day in court. We are responsive attorneys who will keep you informed of the status of your case. Not all attorneys have experience with appeals cases or effective with appellate law. Our lawyers have decades of experience in the courtroom and have a long history of success with appeals.

We understand the legal mechanics in appeals cases and will fight for you using our knowledge of the law. Our attorneys will review your original case details, find the weaknesses and use our honed investigation skills to find the argument needed to argue your case.

Get An Honest Assessment Of Your Appeal

During your free consultation, our attorneys will review your case details and provide a straightforward evaluation of your most likely outcome. We will then start building the most effective case for your appeal. For a trusted and free evaluation of your appeals case, please call 435-275-4159 or send us your case details in an email.