Seasoned Construction Law Attorneys For Nevada, Utah And Arizona

Fisher & Hunter is a proven construction law firm that will fight to get compensation for unpaid work and loans. If you are facing a construction dispute or issues with payment, we can help. Our experienced attorneys understand the construction industry and have specialists available to test soils, concrete and the build quality.

We are a St. George law firm committed to quality and individualized representation for our clients. Our lawyers can solve your current legal dispute and then review your contracts to make sure they are enforceable and effective. Our firm offers training to help construction companies manage many legal issues, including mechanic's liens.

We have helped construction law clients throughout southern Utah, Nevada and Arizona. We fight to protect our clients' rights and have a history of obtaining owed compensation. We pride ourselves on our ability to maximize recovery in construction disputes by pursuing all avenues of collections.

Why Construction Clients Choose Fisher & Hunter

Our practice provides clients with an efficient and cost-effective result for their current legal problems and long-term value with well-written contracts and training. We are construction industry advocates who offer seminars on construction law and the associated best legal practices. Our attorneys will investigate your case details and provide you with an honest assessment. We give our clients honest, ethical and effective legal representation that secures lasting value for their business and real estate.

We can help many real estate legal matters, including but not limited to:

Representation For Real Estate Purchases And Sales

Many of our attorneys have a background in the real estate industry and understand the complexities involved in a real estate transaction. Whether you are buying, selling or financing property, Fisher & Hunter's real estate transactions team can ensure you have a smooth transaction. Our team will negotiate on your behalf, prepare loan documents and catch problems before they start.

Fisher & Hunter has a reputation of successfully resolving construction disputes. Reach us at 435-275-4159, or at our contact form, to set up your free consultation.