Knowledgeable Construction Defect Defense Attorneys

A construction defect claim can be costly and time-consuming for a contractor, construction company or supplier. Oftentimes the defect is cosmetic or caused by water added to the soil after construction. Fisher & Hunter understands the legal problems that can arise after a finished construction project and will aggressively protect construction companies.

Lawyers Who Understand Construction Defect Defense And Law

Our St. George law firm has decades of experience defending businesses from litigation and protecting their rights in the courtroom. Many of our attorneys come from the construction industry and are familiar with industry best practices. We have close relationships with construction specialists and geology technicians who can analyze soil and property quality for abnormalities.

Fisher & Hunter represents construction defect cases in southern Utah, northern Arizona and eastern Nevada. We thoroughly understand construction defect law and how some issues, like toxic mold, can present themselves well after construction. A knowledgeable attorney with construction law experience can make the difference in your case.

Defense Against Homeowners Associations Defect Claims

Our attorneys have defended against large construction defects claims from Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and subdivisions. We will review your agreement with the HOA and protect your rights. We have a successful defense history against large construction defect claims.

When an HOA files a construction defect claim, the claim becomes more expensive and requires a more nuanced understanding of construction defense law. We can defend you against your current construction law dispute and then ensure your contracts protect you in the future.

Why Clients Choose Fisher & Hunter

Our clients come back to Fisher & Hunter because of our personalized legal representation and extensive record of success. We have a commitment to providing lasting value to our clients in the form of training and document reviews. We understand construction defect law and will fight to get you the best possible results.

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